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    Saturday, April 21, 2007

    Hot Off the Press

    Finally started putting some of my photography for sale in my etsy shop are a few.

    I Hear a Melody

    Recently I went on a musical instrument photo spree.Above are some of the results.Piano,conga and traps.
    I play the conga and traps.The four in my family,between us play a variety of instruments.We have piano,trumpet,french horn and everyone but me plays guitar.
    Have not been playing congas and drums long.Started at age 50.(insert huge laughter here)

    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    Newest Items In My Etsy Shop


    Had a picture shoot today. Very tiring and had big gap between appointments.
    Tomorrows schedule is booked solid,so I should not have a boring down time.At least I haven’t had any crying children. I’d rather be taking pics of flowers,birds and butterflies. Oh,well.
    Spoke too soon.Crying baby has arrived.

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007


    Angel Trumpet the prideof my father-in-law.

    Wasp on mum taken in my mother-in-laws garden in Atlanta,GA.

    Watch out for that rusty bee. Still in Atlanta.

    Butterflies are beautiful.

    Ah Art

    Hibiscus Macro-Watercolor

    Bright Flight-Acrylic Inks

    Soft Pastels on mulberry paper.Postcard 6"x4"

    My Silly Dog

    My dog is Bella. A schnauzer-cocker mix,a snocker.She has ADD.Training her was not easy as every little sneeze or whisper is a distraction.Her favorite activity is chasing birds out of the back yard.Guess I can forget getting that bird feeder. She also likes a rousing game of flip the frog.No frogs are harmed in this game.They merely lay on their backs and wait til she isn't looking,flip themselves upright and if they are lucky hop away unoticed before they get flipped again.

    Monday, April 9, 2007

    I have arrived again

    Yeah! I have a blog here now.
    I am an artist with varied interest. Painting in various mediums,mosaics and polymer clay are a few of them.
    My polymer clay is mainly used in the jewelry I design.I do make some funtional items in clay too. I participate in Polymer Clay Play group once a month.We get together and share our knowledge of pc.Every one from begginer to advanced is welcome.
    Love to act.Just finished playing a nurse in a community theatre production of M*A*S*H.
    Other interest are playing congas and drums,singing,floral arranging and collecting faries.
    I hope to have time to go to the RenFaire coming up soon. It is such fun!
    Have a shop on Etsy at
    Hope everyone is having a beautiful and creative day.

    Jarring Vibes-polymer clay covered glass jar

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